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Every 3 Minutes A Homeowner Goes Solar In The US ~

Every 3 Minutes A Homeowner Goes Solar In The US ~

Every 3 Minutes A Homeowner Goes Solar In The US ~

Every 3 Minutes A Homeowner Goes Solar In The US ~



It is easier than you think to create a solar environment for your home.

We have been installing solar systems in northern Minnesota since 1994. Our NABCEP certified (North American Board-Certified Practitioners) staff will assist with all questions from beginning to end. Providing that we find a system that meets your needs, we will follow up with a code certified, professional installation custom-built for your needs.


Consider whether a grid-tied system or an independent off-grid system suits your needs best. Currently, there are many different financial incentives and programs available to assist in a solar system designed for your budget. Allow us to help find financial incentives that work best for you; in your area.

Opportunities exist to install a solar system on the rooftop; via asphalt shingles or on a metal roof. Additionally, pole mount or ground-mounted systems can be designed as an alternative to the standard rooftop system.

Our staff will assist you in achieving the most efficient, individually designed system that best suits your solar needs. Allow us to handle everything for you:

  • Free site assessment
  • Custom design and installation
  • System Monitoring
  • Incentive and rebate filing
  • Ongoing support and Warranty work


We provide the technologies behind a booming energy sector for your business.

Solar power—clean, reliable, and increasingly affordable—is experiencing remarkable growth across the United States and is transforming how and where we produce the electricity vital to modern society.

Today’s electricity system suffers from a number of critical problems related to the environmental and health effects of extracting and burning fossil fuels such as coal and, natural gas, and the volatility of fossil fuel prices.

Solar power has the potential to supply a rapidly growing amount of electricity that is environmentally and economically attractive, nationwide.

Unlike fossil fuels, solar panels generate electricity with no air or carbon pollution, solid waste, or inputs other than sunlight.

Solar power – clean, reliable, and increasingly affordable – is experiencing remarkable growth across the U.S.

Solar power generates electricity with no global warming pollution, no fuel costs, and no risks of fuel price spikes, and has the potential to help move the country toward a cleaner, reliable, and affordable source of electricity.

Contact us, for all your solar questions.


Community solar is an electric system that, through a voluntary program, provides power and/or financial benefit to, or is owned by, multiple community members.

Community Solar advocates are driven by the recognition that the on-site solar market comprises only one part of the total market for solar energy. A 2008 study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that only 22 to 27% of residential rooftop area is suitable for hosting an on-site photovoltaic (PV) system after adjusting for structural, shading, or ownership issues.

Clearly, community options are needed to expand access to solar power for renters, those with shaded roofs, and those who choose not to install a residential system on their home for financial or other reasons. Fairness also supports expanding programs in ways that increase options for participation. As a group, ratepayers and/or taxpayers fund solar incentive programs.

Accordingly, as a matter of equity, solar energy programs should be designed in a manner that allows all contributors to participate.

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