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Annual Cleaning ~

Our Services Include:       

    • Vacuum Stove Surround
      • Remove Louvres and Glass
      • Vacuum beneath Firebox
      • Vacuum Interior Firebox
      • Remove and Inspect Burner
      • Inspect Pilot Assembly
      • Clean Blowers (If Applicable)
      • Install Burner
      • Light Pilot Flame
      • Measure Thermopile Output
      •  Gas Leak Check Fittings and Unions
      • Re-set Log/glass Medio
      • Apply Embers (If Applicable)
      • Clean and Reinstall Glass
      • Verify Millivolt System Operations
        • Verify Remote and/or Thermostat
          Operations (If Applicable)
        • Advise Customer of any concerns
          or opportunities for Preventative

        Delivery ~


        • Spas are placed on-site with accessories installed.  Once the spa is full we take the time to explain water care and spa function.
        • Wood and gas products are assembled and lifted onto hearths.
        • Patio furniture is assembled and carried to their new home on your deck or porch.
        • We will deliver to most of Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Western U.P.
        • Whether you live at the end of the Gun Flint Trail or on Madeline Island let us
          take care of the heavy work.

        Site Inspections ~

        Ever wonder what it would take to add a fireplace to your home?

        Which location will provide the best heat?  How much will it cost?  What size will fit?  Are there complications at the location that I prefer? These and many more questions come up when looking to add any of our great products to your home.

        Although most questions can be answered here in store there just isn't a substitute for having an expert come to your home. Whether you plan on adding a fireplace, hot tub, sauna, or solar equipment we have the answers.

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        HOT TUBS

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